The Wire — One Little Word Argument

095 One Word Argument Guidelines Synthesis Revision Workshop Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge In this paper, students expand their analysis to concepts. This paper also introduces synthesis and documentation. Using scenes from season 4 of The Wire, students examine different presentations/understandings of one little word (like home, school, justice) and argue for a complex definition ofContinue reading “The Wire — One Little Word Argument”

Six-credit Reading and Writing Course

Syllabus Unit Project One — Education Autobiography Unit Project Two — Placeography Unit Project Three — Education Narrative Unit Project Four — Argument Unit Project 5 — I-Search Shared by Jeremy Branstad I follow a pretty traditional assignment sequence by transitioning from experience-based writing to source-based writing as the semester progresses. Students really seem toContinue reading “Six-credit Reading and Writing Course”

Digital Visual Argument (Four-Letter Word Project)

Digital Visual Arguments Sample Student Projects here and here Shared by Ethna Lay Writing instruction changes exponentially as the technologies for writing change. Sensitive to this need to address a rapidly flexing pedagogy, I have designed a digital, visual argument assignment for my first-year writing students. The project involves making an argument as a visualContinue reading “Digital Visual Argument (Four-Letter Word Project)”

Small Object, Large Subject Essay

Small Object Large Subject Shared by Ethna Lay With inspiration from/credit to Adam Gopnik’s introduction to the volume of Best American Essays of 2008 The small object/LARGE SUBJECT essay is often an easy way for students to embark on cultural criticism.  I’d tag it “new media,” as its relevance to this site hinges on the productiveContinue reading “Small Object, Large Subject Essay”