Class Mgmt

Smartest Student and Instructor

Shared by Isabel Quintana Wulf

With inspiration from/credit to Transforming Teaching Through Learning Seminar, Lansing Community College, MI

This activity is a course-starter activity designed to come up with a Student/ Instructor contract setting basic expectations for classroom behavior, preparedness, and interactions for the semester ahead.

Email Journal

Shared by Joanna Howard

This is the method I use for making sure students don’t lose their journal entries throughout the course of the semester.

Student-driven Policies

Shared by Nicole Hancock

With inspiration from/credit to a Freirean Pedagogy class at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

This piece describes my process for getting students to collaboratively establish course policies during the first few days of each class.


Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge

No Explanations Required (NERd) coupons are extension coupons that students can use on most assignments during the semester.  They take away the excuse-screening element of the job and encourage students to make deliberate choices about when to use extensions and when to take zeroes.

Rock Star Points

Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge

With inspiration from/credit to Stephanie Scott

I use these coupons in three ways:

  • I give them to students who do something extraordinary, like going above and beyond to help a classmate.
  • I design special (fun) writing and reading challenges for which the winners receive rock star points.
  • In classes with awful textbooks that students are required to buy and I am required to use, I assign Rock Star Battles in which groups tackle various textbook exercises/work.  All groups get points for completion, but the group that submits the highest quality work gets rock star points.

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