Whole-Course Packages

Fall14 RW1 Syllabus

Unit Project 1– Introduction

Unit Project 2– Placeography

Unit Project 3– This I Believe

Unit Project 4– I-Search Paper

Unit Project 5– Researched Argument

Shared by Jeremy Branstad

I follow a pretty traditional assignment sequence by transitioning from experience-based writing to source-based writing as the semester progresses. Students really seem to enjoy the placeography (unit 2), literacy narrative (unit 3) and i-search paper (unit 4) assignments.  I’m told that my assignments can look like a bit of a bear, at least in comparison to what students in my course levels at community colleges are sometimes assigned. I’m a pretty friendly person and I run safe, relaxed, and portfolio-based courses were students are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes, and grow.
*Note on Project 2 — It’s a five-paragraph essay and I’m aware of the discussions surrounding that type of assignment. It’s a requirement at my institution that students write at least one. So I use the five-paragraph essay in a supportive way to help students practice foundational concepts like general essay structure, main ideas, and supporting details. However, I do use the five-paragraph essay, basically as a scaffolding device, in context of a course that’s designed to help students move toward much less prescriptive and audience-based types of writing.

English 095 Syllabus

Narrative Guidelines

Response Guidelines

Evaluation Guidelines

Book Project 1 Guidelines

Book Project 2 Guidelines

Book Project 3 Guidelines

Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge

This is a six-credit-hour, portfolio-based BW and reading course that is the course directly before transfer-level at our institution.  As the due dates on individual assignment sheets make clear, all rarely goes as originally scheduled on the syllabus.  Generally, though, we are able to complete six major projects/papers and allow time for serious revision on each.  I also have a great number of support assignments and would be happy to share those with anyone interested.

2 thoughts on “Whole-Course Packages

  1. Elizabeth, I am a high school English teacher in Wisconsin, and am interested in the support assignments you have for this course. If you are also willing to share more of your Rock Star Battle prompts, I would welcome those as well. We’re working on overhauling a few of our courses this summer, one of which will focus on students who may need an extra bridge course between high school and college.

    Kind regards,

    Erica Chiarkas

    1. Erica — Send me (eb896@icc.edu) the email address where you’d like to receive files, and I’ll send you everything I have. 🙂

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