095 Fall 2018

Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge

This is the syllabus, including a course calendar, for the six-credit-hour course I’m teaching, centered on season 4 of The Wire. I’ll be posting links to individual assignments and activities as the semester continues.

095 Fall 2016 (third version)

095 Syllabus

Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge

With credit to David Smit, Graphic Design Instructor Extraordinaire

I recently updated my materials with two goals in mind:  (1) making them more visually effective and (2) creating a brand for my courses. With the guidance of a graphic design instructor on campus (who deserves all of the credit and none of the blame), this is the first version of my syllabus.

101 Syllabus Bird with 101 Overview (Shared August 2016)

2012-Fall-ENG101-Bird (1)


With inspiration from/credit to Carie King, Ball State University (collaborator)

I co-created this course with my colleague, Carie King. I have been teaching this course with annual adjustments for a decade and Carie, about 6-8 years. We use a WAW approach, using Bazerman’s “Relationship Between Reading and Writing: A Conversation Model” as the centerpiece of our course. We focus on academic reading and responding to academic texts, even though this course isn’t technically a “reading” course.

095 8 and Portfolio Information 095

Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge

This is the syllabus and portfolio info (with more specifics on course elements) for a 6-credit-hour course officially titled College Reading and Writing.


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