Final Presentation and Reflection

Final Presentation and Reflection Shared by Glenn Newman In this take on a final reflection, specifically designed for an ALP course, students are asked to deliver a presentation on their progress as a preparatory activity for a final written reflection. I set up an ethos theme in my courses, less Aristotelian, more about what willContinue reading “Final Presentation and Reflection”

Book Reflections

Book Reflection Example Shared by Gael Grossman Book Reflections (silent reading) – You will be reading independently chosen books this semester.  A book will need to be approved by me and generally be at least 200 pages in length.  A book may be fiction or nonfiction. They may not be an assigned book, a textbook, orContinue reading “Book Reflections”

Book Club Materials

Book Ballot Ground Rules for Book Clubs Book Checkout Form Reading Strategies 101 Reading Strategies 101Filledin Book Club Reflections 216 The Envelope please Book Club Final Reflections Shared by Meagan Newberry With inspiration from/credit to Harvey Daniels’s Literature Circles Students formed groups based on the book of their choice (they turn in a top 3Continue reading “Book Club Materials”

Lit Letters

Lit Letters Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge With inspiration from/credit to Nancie Atwell’s The Reading Zone This assignment asks students to write critical response letters to their instructor and their classmates about their joy reading books.  The assignment sheet itself borrows heavily and extensively from Atwell’s.  There’s very little original material here.

Writing Process Representation

Writing Process Rep Shared by Nicole Hancock This was inspired by a presentation by Naomi Silver at CCCC’s. It asks students to think about their writing process in a new way before beginning a reflective writing assignment (in my class, it is a cover letter for a portfolio). This is the handout I give studentsContinue reading “Writing Process Representation”

Digital Visual Argument (Four-Letter Word Project)

Digital Visual Arguments Sample Student Projects here and here Shared by Ethna Lay Writing instruction changes exponentially as the technologies for writing change. Sensitive to this need to address a rapidly flexing pedagogy, I have designed a digital, visual argument assignment for my first-year writing students. The project involves making an argument as a visualContinue reading “Digital Visual Argument (Four-Letter Word Project)”