Teaching Basic Writing

Beyond the Basics: Blog Post Index: 2011-2014*

By Susan Naomi Bernstein


Sacred Space with Flag_2

Writing Challenges: From Developmental to Transformational 1-18-11

Physical Space and the Writing Process: Classroom Connections 1-31-11

How Do I Write a Passing College Essay? A Template Story 2-14-11

Writing Beyond Statistics 2-28-11

Listening to Learn 3-14-11

Writing for the Catastrophic Moment 3-28-11

The Anxiety of Organization: The Gritty Specifics of the Writing Process 4-11-11

Atlanta, Sweet Auburn, and the CCCC: A Multimedia Essay 4-25-11

Writing Beyond Stereotypes 5-9-11

The Three Rs of Summer: Reading, Reflection, and Renewal 5-23-11

Crooked Seams, ADHD, and Basic Writing: A Narrative of Personal Experience 6-13-11

Many Roads to Writing 7-11-11

Writing Without Words: An Introductory Workshop to Theatre of the Oppressed 7-18-11

A Conversation with Susan Naomi Bernstein 7-25-11

Write in August 8-9-11

Dear Students: Welcome to the Jungle 8-29-11

Writing September 11, Writing Resilience 11-19-11

Signs as Inspiration 10-17-11

The Day I Learned to Occupy Revision 10-31-11

Libraries: Claiming Imaginative Space for Basic Writing


Coping with Burnout and Blocks: Writing Nature and the Holly Berry Tree 12-13-11


beach erosion

Persistence 1-23-12

Retention or Learning to Write: Accounting for Students Who Disappear 2-6-12

Benchmarks and Competencies: A Reverie and a Complication 2-27-12

Open Admissions, Basic Writing, and the “Treasures that Prevail”*: In Memory of Adrienne Rich 4-2-12

Grading 3-12-12

Engage! — And Boldly Go Outside the Comfort Zone


Unemployment: A Single Garment of Destiny 5-15-12

Beyond the Basics: Questions and Reflections 6-11-12

The First Day of Class: A Lesson in the Absurd 9-24-12

“Broken Systems,” Freedom Schools, and a Tree that Survived a Tornado 7-2-12

Basic Writing DIY: The CBW Resource Share 7-23-12

Listening to Silence: Why I Wrote Teaching Developmental Writing 4e 8-13-12

Multimedia Research in the Basic Writing Classroom (“A History of New York in 5 Objects”) 9-11-12

Writing for Home, School, and Everyday Life: The Free University of NYC 10-9-12

The Nice White Lady Teaches Comma Splices, Part 1


The Nice White Lady Teaches Comma Splices, Part 2


Writing After Hurricane Sandy 11-19-12

Teaching After Hurricane Sandy 12-3-12

The Nice White Lady Tells a Thanksgiving Story 12-17-12



What I Learned and How I Know I Learned It 1-14-13

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Compassion: A Meditation for Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday Celebration 1-28-13

The First Day of Class—and the Second: An Archimedean Story 2-11-13

Composing Self-Compassion 2-25-13

Attending to CCCC and Other Conventions: An Unconventional Guide 3-13-13

CCCC 2013. Las Vegas, and the Miracle of ADHD: A Video Remix 3-25-13

Sync: Virtual Blackout in Basic Writing 4-18-13

Beginning with Why: How to Create a Blog in Three Easy Steps 4-24-13

Hyper-Focus and Writing 5-6-13

The Sisyphus Year 5-21-13

In Caring There is Hope: A Response to “I Don’t Like Teaching” 6-17-13

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Blooming: Part 1 7-2-13

No Borough Like the Bronx By Zuleyka Rodriguez 7-15-13

Fear and Resilience: For Trayvon Martin 7-29-13

Transitions: The First Phase of Taking Flight 8-12-13

Technology and Destiny 9-13-13

Revising the Description Assignment: Skateboards as Vehicle 9-23-13

Writing to Embrace the Future 10-7-13

Every Day a Writing Day 10-21-13

Circle of Learning 11-4-13

Extended Time 11-19-13

Into the Light 12-12-13

A View from the South Rim 12-18-13



Racism Happens 1-27-14

Pete Seeger: An Ethics of Direct Action 2-10-14

Writing Economic Inequality: Composing a Presentation for CCCC 2-24-14

History and Rhetoric: The Case of Arizona 3-10-14

Angela Y. Davis at 4C14: Hope for Basic Writing 4-7-14

Grammar Issues – and Writing 3-26-14

Reading, Writing, Multimedia—and Sisyphus 4-22-14

Synthesis: A Moment of Happiness 5-5-14

Sisyphus Redux: Toward Pedagogies of Resilience 5-19-14

The Crazy Quilt Theory of Process 6-30-14

First Lesson for a Basic Writing Practicum: Cultivating Metaphors 7-14-14

CWPA 2014: Connecting Themes for Basic Writing 7-28-14

Basic Writing Back to School Specials 8-11-14

*Please note. These posts were originally published on the old Bedford/St. Martin’s website “Bedford Bits for Teaching Composition,” available here. For the new MacMillan English Community website, follow this link.


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