Conversation Analysis

Conversation Analysis Shared by Jacqueline Wilson-Jordan With credit to Joan Livingston-Webber and Beverly Braniff who wrote and/or tried earlier versions of this assignment This assignment, which requires field research and is fairly demanding, asks students to observe and analyze the conversation in a chosen discourse community. I thought the James Baldwin essay might be dated because ofContinue reading “Conversation Analysis”

ALP Class Plans and Assignments

ALP Class Plans with Assignments and Reading Materials Shared by Meagan Newberry Co-created with Christian Purvis-Aldrich, Andrea Ascuena, and Jenica Draney This is the first four weeks of a traditional ALP/101 course planned and written out to show connections between courses. This course specifically is a series of assignments using Outliers as the primary text.Continue reading “ALP Class Plans and Assignments”

Marshmallow Experiment Unit

Video 100 Marshmallow Video Reading 101 Reading About Marshmallows Reading 102 More Reading About Marshmallows Activity 100 Thinking About the Marshmallow Video Activity 101 Thinking About Mischel’s Marshmallow Test Articles Activity 102 Discussion of Short Writing 2 Experiencing Delayed Gratification Activity 103 Audience Analysis Activity 201 Previewing and Predicting U of Rochester Study Short WritingContinue reading “Marshmallow Experiment Unit”

Writing Process Representation

Writing Process Rep Shared by Nicole Hancock This was inspired by a presentation by Naomi Silver at CCCC’s. It asks students to think about their writing process in a new way before beginning a reflective writing assignment (in my class, it is a cover letter for a portfolio). This is the handout I give studentsContinue reading “Writing Process Representation”

Digital Visual Argument (Four-Letter Word Project)

Digital Visual Arguments Sample Student Projects here and here Shared by Ethna Lay Writing instruction changes exponentially as the technologies for writing change. Sensitive to this need to address a rapidly flexing pedagogy, I have designed a digital, visual argument assignment for my first-year writing students. The project involves making an argument as a visualContinue reading “Digital Visual Argument (Four-Letter Word Project)”

Editing vs. Revising

Shared by Isabel Quintana Wulf I made a couple of videos to show my students the difference between editing (cosmetic changes) and revising (structural changes)—I used Jing, a TechSmith software you can download for free. In the first video ( , I show an example of editing using a sample student introduction for an essayContinue reading “Editing vs. Revising”

Four Visitors Unit

Descriptive Writing Chart Four Visitors Assignment Sheet Four Visitors Peer Review Sheet Going Somewhere Sample Questions for Going Somewhere Shared by Jessica Weleski I use this Four Visitors assignment at the beginning of the semester to help my students learn narrative structure and to allow them to have some fun with writing. As we leadContinue reading “Four Visitors Unit”