Lessons for Teaching #BlackLivesMatter and White Supremacy: Two Posts from Bedford Bits

Spencer_Bernstein_Lessons for Teaching #BlackLivesMatter and White Supremacy_CBWResourceShareSubmission Shared by Rochelle Spencer (Fisk University) and Susan Naomi Bernstein (City University of New York) In these lessons, we offer multimedia resources that focus on Black lives and white supremacy. Moreover, we suggest that teachers need to reflect deeply on why we choose and how we teach antiracistContinue reading “Lessons for Teaching #BlackLivesMatter and White Supremacy: Two Posts from Bedford Bits”

The Wire — One Little Word Argument

095 One Word Argument Guidelines Synthesis Revision Workshop Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge In this paper, students expand their analysis to concepts. This paper also introduces synthesis and documentation. Using scenes from season 4 of The Wire, students examine different presentations/understandings of one little word (like home, school, justice) and argue for a complex definition ofContinue reading “The Wire — One Little Word Argument”

Conversation Analysis

Conversation Analysis Shared by Jacqueline Wilson-Jordan With credit to Joan Livingston-Webber and Beverly Braniff who wrote and/or tried earlier versions of this assignment This assignment, which requires field research and is fairly demanding, asks students to observe and analyze the conversation in a chosen discourse community. I thought the James Baldwin essay might be dated because ofContinue reading “Conversation Analysis”