Writing Rights

Writing Rights Shared by Gael Grossman Adapted  from Burkhardt, J.M., MacDonald, Mary C. (2010). Teaching information literacy: 50 standard-based exercises for college students. Chicago: ALA This is an assignment I use to get my students thinking about plagiarism and other issues of academic honesty. It’s more a discussion based assignment; however, I have had students writeContinue reading “Writing Rights”

Six-credit Reading and Writing Course

Syllabus Unit Project One — Education Autobiography Unit Project Two — Placeography Unit Project Three — Education Narrative Unit Project Four — Argument Unit Project 5 — I-Search Shared by Jeremy Branstad I follow a pretty traditional assignment sequence by transitioning from experience-based writing to source-based writing as the semester progresses. Students really seem toContinue reading “Six-credit Reading and Writing Course”

Wikipedia Assignment

Wikipedia assignment Shared by Sarah Alexander Tsai This group project, which can easily be scaled up or down, invites students to trace the way Wikipedia authors use and cite secondary sources.  In following Wikipedia‘s “research paths,” students are likely to recognize both the strengths and limitations of collaboratively edited resources.

Name Game

The Name Game Wach’s “What’s in a Name? Shared by Sarah Alexander Tsai By investigating the origins and meanings of their own names, students learn how to blend primary research (especially personal interviews) with focused personal narrative.  Since this fairly low-stakes assignment also functions nicely as a community builder, I like to assign it earlyContinue reading “Name Game”