Reader’s Notebooks

Reader’s Notebook Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge Inspired by Jeanne Henry, Nancie Atwell, and Meagan Newberry This semester, I’m trying to make the joy reading component of class more focused on the joy. I’ve dialed the work back and dialed the intensity down and tried to strike a balance between my need/desire to hold students accountableContinue reading “Reader’s Notebooks”

Book Reflections

Book Reflection Example Shared by Gael Grossman Book Reflections (silent reading) – You will be reading independently chosen books this semester.  A book will need to be approved by me and generally be at least 200 pages in length.  A book may be fiction or nonfiction. They may not be an assigned book, a textbook, orContinue reading “Book Reflections”

Book Club Materials

Book Ballot Ground Rules for Book Clubs Book Checkout Form Reading Strategies 101 Reading Strategies 101Filledin Book Club Reflections 216 The Envelope please Book Club Final Reflections Shared by Meagan Newberry With inspiration from/credit to Harvey Daniels’s Literature Circles Students formed groups based on the book of their choice (they turn in a top 3Continue reading “Book Club Materials”

Lit Letters

Lit Letters Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge With inspiration from/credit to Nancie Atwell’s The Reading Zone This assignment asks students to write critical response letters to their instructor and their classmates about their joy reading books.  The assignment sheet itself borrows heavily and extensively from Atwell’s.  There’s very little original material here.

Name Game

The Name Game Wach’s “What’s in a Name? Shared by Sarah Alexander Tsai By investigating the origins and meanings of their own names, students learn how to blend primary research (especially personal interviews) with focused personal narrative.  Since this fairly low-stakes assignment also functions nicely as a community builder, I like to assign it earlyContinue reading “Name Game”

Quote responses for assigned readings

Quote Responses in class Shared by Barb Bird With inspiration from/credit to Carie King, Ball State University (collaborator) We frequently start class with 5-7 minutes for students to take one sentence they liked from the article they read for that day and write a paragraph response to the article. This exercise helps them to practiceContinue reading “Quote responses for assigned readings”