Marshmallow Experiment Unit

Video 100 Marshmallow Video Reading 101 Reading About Marshmallows Reading 102 More Reading About Marshmallows Activity 100 Thinking About the Marshmallow Video Activity 101 Thinking About Mischel’s Marshmallow Test Articles Activity 102 Discussion of Short Writing 2 Experiencing Delayed Gratification Activity 103 Audience Analysis Activity 201 Previewing and Predicting U of Rochester Study Short WritingContinue reading “Marshmallow Experiment Unit”

Group Presentations

Group Presentations Shared by Jeremy Branstad I use this assignment to help students understand the concepts of main ideas and supporting details. The assignment is given during unit two, the placeography, and involves having students work together in groups to give a presentation to the class. They decide on a main idea for their presentationContinue reading “Group Presentations”

Book Club Materials

Book Ballot Ground Rules for Book Clubs Book Checkout Form Reading Strategies 101 Reading Strategies 101Filledin Book Club Reflections 216 The Envelope please Book Club Final Reflections Shared by Meagan Newberry With inspiration from/credit to Harvey Daniels’s Literature Circles Students formed groups based on the book of their choice (they turn in a top 3Continue reading “Book Club Materials”

Wikipedia Assignment

Wikipedia assignment Shared by Sarah Alexander Tsai This group project, which can easily be scaled up or down, invites students to trace the way Wikipedia authors use and cite secondary sources.  In following Wikipedia‘s “research paths,” students are likely to recognize both the strengths and limitations of collaboratively edited resources.

Highlighting to Make Visual Sense: Paragraph Practice

Highlighting Body Paragraphs Shared by Isabel Quintana Wulf With inspiration from/credit to Melissa Lucken, Lansing Community College, MI The goal of this activity is to devise strategies a student can use to determine whether body paragraphs have all the parts they need to have: topic sentence, evidence/ examples, analysis, and transitions. I provide six examplesContinue reading “Highlighting to Make Visual Sense: Paragraph Practice”

Who’s Your Reader? Magazine Audience Activities

magazine audience activity Shared by Sarah Tsai I usually bring a diverse collection of magazines to class for these two activities, but online periodicals would work just as well.  The second activity (p. 2) has a surprise buried in it.  Each group/pair of students must swap topics with another group/pair.  They must find a wayContinue reading “Who’s Your Reader? Magazine Audience Activities”