Digital Visual Argument (Four-Letter Word Project)

Digital Visual Arguments

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Shared by Ethna Lay

Writing instruction changes exponentially as the technologies for writing change. Sensitive to this need to address a rapidly flexing pedagogy, I have designed a digital, visual argument assignment for my first-year writing students. The project involves making an argument as a visual montage followed by a verbal, written reflection considering whether images can do what words do, and the converse query, can words do what images do.


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4 responses to “Digital Visual Argument (Four-Letter Word Project)

  1. Charlene Cambridge

    I have been asking my freshman composition students to create a 2-3 minute digital short as part of their final research project. The short must serve to further their thesis and must have as little text as posible although they can use primary source dialogue. It forces them to think of introductions and conclusions differently, and lets them see how much their video saturated world has already taught them about rhetorical practices. They are invariably surprised at how much they know.

    • Yes, I think so, too. The trick though is for these writers to be guided to textuality, given that print is still the privileged means of communication in the university. By having basic writers compose in new media first, we give them opportunities to inscribe the world in ways that may be more accessible or more effective for them. It’s a great time to be teaching writing.

  2. EB

    Charlene — I just told Ethna yesterday that I was going to be using her project as part of my final Paper-to-Project assignment, which sounds a lot like yours. I love all of these ideas! (I also really love that these projects, I think, would surprise a lot of people in terms of what our students can pull off.)

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