The Wire — Character Analysis

Character Analysis Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge This is the second paper in our work with season 4 of The Wire. Here, students are asked to carefully examine just one character from the show. This paper, coming relatively early in the semester, will require regular revisiting and revision as we get further into the season andContinue reading “The Wire — Character Analysis”

This I Believe Assignment Sequence

TIB Assignment Sequence Rubric for TIB 3a  Rubric for TIB 3b Rubric for TIB 3c  Shared by Karen Henderson This assignment sequence we work on for about a month at the end of the semester. I use the This I Believe essays as models and ask students to write their own. I subsequently publish aContinue reading “This I Believe Assignment Sequence”

Introduction on Blackboard

Introduction on Bb Shared by Nicole Hancock This activity helps students rethink their introduction for a paper. This was inspired by an activity in Bruce Ballenger’s The Curious Researcher. Students must write more than one introduction for a paper that has already been drafted. They then post it in Blackboard and other students rate themContinue reading “Introduction on Blackboard”

Editing vs. Revising

Shared by Isabel Quintana Wulf I made a couple of videos to show my students the difference between editing (cosmetic changes) and revising (structural changes)—I used Jing, a TechSmith software you can download for free. In the first video ( , I show an example of editing using a sample student introduction for an essayContinue reading “Editing vs. Revising”

Revision Flowchart

Revision flowchart F11 color (1) Revision flowchart F11 black and white Shared by Isabel Quintana Wulf I created this revision flowchart to help my students revise their essays. It can be used in different ways: students can start at the beginning and follow the chart step-by-step or they can start at any “Examine…” bubble. ItContinue reading “Revision Flowchart”

Highlighting to Make Visual Sense: Paragraph Practice

Highlighting Body Paragraphs Shared by Isabel Quintana Wulf With inspiration from/credit to Melissa Lucken, Lansing Community College, MI The goal of this activity is to devise strategies a student can use to determine whether body paragraphs have all the parts they need to have: topic sentence, evidence/ examples, analysis, and transitions. I provide six examplesContinue reading “Highlighting to Make Visual Sense: Paragraph Practice”