This I Believe Assignment Sequence

TIB Assignment Sequence Rubric for TIB 3a  Rubric for TIB 3b Rubric for TIB 3c  Shared by Karen Henderson This assignment sequence we work on for about a month at the end of the semester. I use the This I Believe essays as models and ask students to write their own. I subsequently publish aContinue reading “This I Believe Assignment Sequence”

Using Word for Sentence Editing

How to use Word to turn essay into list of sentences Shared by Nick Carbone With inspiration from Klonoski, Edward, “Using the Eyes of the PC to Teach Revision.,” Computers and Composition, v11 n1 p71-78. 1994. Since handbooks and exercises use single sentence examples to illustrate incorrect and then corrected sentences, a proofing stage activity, studentsContinue reading “Using Word for Sentence Editing”

Editing vs. Revising

Shared by Isabel Quintana Wulf I made a couple of videos to show my students the difference between editing (cosmetic changes) and revising (structural changes)—I used Jing, a TechSmith software you can download for free. In the first video ( , I show an example of editing using a sample student introduction for an essayContinue reading “Editing vs. Revising”