Are you in search of a specific type of activity?  Need a handout that covers an essential writing issue in a kicky way?  Post your needs as comments here, and let the community answer your call!

4 responses to “ISO

  1. Alison

    Does anyone know where to find Bonnie Wach’s essay, “What’s in a Name?” It was listed as a suggested reading in one of the shared assignments. Wonderful assignment, just can’t find the essay anywhere.

    • Sarah Tsai

      Hi, Alison–

      I’m sorry it took me so long to find your question! Bonnie Wach’s essay is a bit older (1992), so it’s not the easiest to find. I finally went to my school’s library databases and located it through Academic Search Complete. I have it saved as a Word file, so if you’d like me to just send you the file (or I could try pasting it into the comment box), let me know.

      Sarah Tsai

  2. Travel grant for instructors of basic writing for #CCCC14. Applications accepted now through 3 February. …?

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