Lessons for Teaching #BlackLivesMatter and White Supremacy: Two Posts from Bedford Bits

Spencer_Bernstein_Lessons for Teaching #BlackLivesMatter and White Supremacy_CBWResourceShareSubmission

Shared by Rochelle Spencer (Fisk University) and Susan Naomi Bernstein (City University of New York)

In these lessons, we offer multimedia resources that focus on Black lives and white supremacy. Moreover, we suggest that teachers need to reflect deeply on why we choose and how we teach antiracist resources so that our students learn and grow as writers. In these posts, we offer the emotional labor of that work as we think through how to create antiracist pedagogies that encourage student-centered classrooms.

Published by EB

Elizabeth is a professor of developmental reading and writing at Illinois Central College. Growing up in Arvin, CA, Elizabeth was forever shaped by the injustices as well as the community and shared responsibility created by the migrant farming situation. As a first-generation college student and community college graduate, Elizabeth is a fierce advocate of open admissions and basic writing programs. While pursuing her Ph.D. in Writing Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Elizabeth focused on basic writing, literacy studies, and disability studies. Her dissertation explored how the introduction of standardized intelligence testing and the eugenics movement converged with limited understandings of literacy to create the category of learning disabilities. That history informs her academic obsession with public (mis)understandings of basic writers. In her non-academic life, Elizabeth is a wife, mom, dog lover, and good food fanatic.

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