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We do the portfolio assignment a bit differently from what others have done (that I’ve seen anyway). We really focus on the reflective, metacognitive essays, but we do require specific evidences for how they have accomplished the course objectives. It has really helped students accomplish the portfolio project well when I began emphasizing course objectives throughout the entire course.



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  1. There’s a lot to like with this assignment. I’m especially impressed with the way that you articulate the goals of portfolio keeping by including affect and other aspects that influence one’s process.

    • birdfamily

      Thank you, Joanna! My colleague, Carie King, and I see so the most difference in our basic writing students in the affective sphere. In fact, I think it is the affective (motivation, investment, emotion, self-efficacy) that I believe is the most critical aspect to enabling transfer. If we can succeed in improving the affective related to academic writing (especially in ways that “stick” beyond our class), I think it is almost guaranteed that students will transfer the cognitive knowledge of writing.

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