Marshmallow Experiment Unit

Video 100 Marshmallow Video

Reading 101 Reading About Marshmallows

Reading 102 More Reading About Marshmallows

Activity 100 Thinking About the Marshmallow Video

Activity 101 Thinking About Mischel’s Marshmallow Test Articles

Activity 102 Discussion of Short Writing 2 Experiencing Delayed Gratification

Activity 103 Audience Analysis

Activity 201 Previewing and Predicting U of Rochester Study

Short Writing 101 Experiencing Delayed Gratification

Short Writing 300 Writing a Summary

Essay 1 Delayed Gratification

Shared by Peter Adams

The idea of this reading/writing project is to immerse students in a particular issue for 3 to 5 weeks, during which time they read a variety of articles, perhaps watch a video, participate in small group discussions, write a one-pager (or two), and finally produce a thoughtful, well-argued 3-4 page essay on the topic.
I use these some of these materials in the 101-level course and others in the developmental companion course. I have found students write much more engaged and thoughtful papers after this extended kind of experience.  Of course there is only time for three, maybe four, of these projects in a semester.

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