Humans Profile

Humans Profile

Shared by Elizabeth Baldridge

Using Humans of New York as a profile genre, students are challenged to produce their own Humans-style profile, using photos and individual stories to profile a local place of their choosing. This one requires some solid scaffolding, but it has yielded some exciting, inspired results from students who were genuinely interested in the work. I recommend this video for getting students to think about their approach and questions and this StoryCorps app as a useful tool for interviewing. Also, I created a writing-only alternative for students who don’t have access to a smartphone or digital camera that involves using traditionally-written profile portraits to describe the subject and the setting.



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2 responses to “Humans Profile

  1. I would love to try this out this semester. What is the textbook that you reference?

    • EB

      Joanna — The textbook is Johndan Johnson-Eilola’s Changing Writing. FYI — I’m doing this again this semester, but I’ve changed some of the requirements. Students have to bring in a wealth of material (lots of interview material, multiple photos) for the rough draft so that we can then talk about choosing the quote and the photo as making deliberate writing choices aimed at specific goals. And then peer eval involves getting peer impressions of different excerpts and photos to help them decide which bits to go with in the revised draft.

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