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First Draft Peer Review

First Draft PR

Shared by Nicole Hancock

I save this type of peer review activity for after I have already established peer review as a worthwhile activity. I usually do it in the middle of the semester to mix things up a bit. I have a timer with me or project an online timer so students do this activity in increments. Figure out what amounts of time work best for your students and the time you have in class. While students are working on this assignment at their desks, I sit at the table in the middle of the room, blitzing through all of their first drafts while they work. That is why they need to have a second copy on the desk. Our classes are arranged with desks in a U around the room; you may have to revise the instructions to fit your classroom design.

Occasionally, I have a student (or two or three) who attends class on a peer review day without a paper. In that case, I substitute one of the extra copies for that student, so he or she can still participate in the activity. Just make sure the substitute paper is not from one of  the students to the immediate left and right or that student will end up peer reviewing his or her own paper. Students get exposed to 2-4 papers that have been written by their peers, so they gain ideas from the papers they have read as well as receiving specific feedback from their peers and me.

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