Wikipedia Assignment

Wikipedia assignment Shared by Sarah Alexander Tsai This group project, which can easily be scaled up or down, invites students to trace the way Wikipedia authors use and cite secondary sources.  In following Wikipedia‘s “research paths,” students are likely to recognize both the strengths and limitations of collaboratively edited resources.

Name Game

The Name Game Wach’s “What’s in a Name? Shared by Sarah Alexander Tsai By investigating the origins and meanings of their own names, students learn how to blend primary research (especially personal interviews) with focused personal narrative.  Since this fairly low-stakes assignment also functions nicely as a community builder, I like to assign it earlyContinue reading “Name Game”

Writing Process Representation

Writing Process Rep Shared by Nicole Hancock This was inspired by a presentation by Naomi Silver at CCCC’s. It asks students to think about their writing process in a new way before beginning a reflective writing assignment (in my class, it is a cover letter for a portfolio). This is the handout I give studentsContinue reading “Writing Process Representation”

Introduction on Blackboard

Introduction on Bb Shared by Nicole Hancock This activity helps students rethink their introduction for a paper. This was inspired by an activity in Bruce Ballenger’s The Curious Researcher. Students must write more than one introduction for a paper that has already been drafted. They then post it in Blackboard and other students rate themContinue reading “Introduction on Blackboard”