The Smartest Students and Instructors in the Class

Smartest Student and Instructor

Shared by Isabel Quintana Wulf

With inspiration from/credit to Transforming Teaching Through Learning Seminar, Lansing Community College, MI

This activity is a course-starter activity designed to come up with a Student/ Instructor contract setting basic expectations for classroom behavior, preparedness, and interactions for the semester ahead. First, show the instructions to the activity on the board. Ask students to come up with two or three qualities that make good students and two or three qualities that make good instructors. After they have shared and compared with their peers, ask students to share their lists with the class: write down their answers in two columns on the board (Student/ Instructor). Once all the student suggestions are on the board (and you have added some suggestions of your own, like ‘accountable’), discuss the overlaps in the columns. Generally, what makes a good Student also makes a good Instructor (organized, prepared, ready to learn, respectful…). After discussing the qualities on the board, copy the list and post it in the course management site or make it available to your students somehow. Keep the list open so more qualities can be added during the semester as necessary. Consider this list as something to aspire to as the semester develops. Remind students about it periodically so it becomes a strong reference point for classroom management.


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